Singer and radio presenter Tanasha Donna recently revealed that’s she is 7 months pregnant for Diamond Platnumz and the couple is expecting a boy.

While pregnancy is usually a cause for celebration, her news has received mixed reactions. Unfortunately the reactions were mostly negative as many felt that it was just too soon to get pregnant for a man she barely knew.

Others said that they thought she was smarter than Hamisa and Zari who had been duped then dumped by the Bongo Singer.

Some Kenyans commented that they expected that Tanasha would secure the bag or at least a ring but were disappointed.

Tanasha Preggers (Instagram)

Kenyans React

Here are some of the reactions:

Nyarteso : We as Kenyans we expected a ring on your finger but Alass ! Same story.wake up tanasha

redvel_vett : Getting pregnant doesn’t mean holding a man especially a man who’s not willing to marry it shows how much u lack intelligence baby gal 😂

Reactions to Tanasha's pregnancy

41732043sandra : Must everyone who gets involved with father Abraham have a baby for him??? Wondering with 1000000000 others.

Tanasha and Diamond (Instagram)

zariforever5 : If they were twins, it could make a difference, but a boy, already three in the system

ntegye123 : I thought you said you are smarter than Zari and Hamisa, you got pregnant in less than 2 months of knowing DP , gal you set the record with DP exes you are good wow

thisis_vall: Next stop Ethiopia. He’s on a mission to have babies all over East Africa

Reactions to Tanasha's pregnancy (IG)
Reactions to Tanasha's pregnancy (ig2)

jerajaber: Tulikutuma ubebe pesa si mimba

sofianishasahir: Finally no one to replace our princess Tiffah will remain dad's only daughter

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Tanasha’s defenders

Some celebrities like Fena Gitu and Chiki Kuruka have come out to defend the 24-year-old against the mounting pressure and outrage.

“Ladies I think it’s incredibly irresponsible to put pressure on Tanasha Donna or any pregnant woman to get engaged. Her life, her rule book. Let’s stop acting like marriage protects you from anything. Only she knows what is happening at home,” wrote Chiki.

Chiki's post (Instagram)

Fena, on the other hand, posted, “Tanasha Donna do your thing. Live your damn life. Get it. Commentators stay commentating.”