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Dr. Ofweneke finally speaks on battering his ex-wife before they divorced

The Comedian sets the record straight on being Violent in his marriage

During an Interview on Ofweneke disclosed that the accusations of domestic violence in his marriage with the gospel artiste were not true.

“I have never talked about it any. First of all I must say this on national TV, If there is a woman I respect so much and I tell her every day because we talk, I my x-wife we have become the best of friends. Considering if there was domestic violence or not, a time its never what it looks it is, so many things can be labeled at someone, they can be true or not true. Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and I apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father, I had my faults.” Said Dr. Ofweneke.

Short Comings


“After my divorce I said I’m gonna take some time off to better myself as a man. Not because i wasn’t a better man but because I was left so curious on where did i go wrong as a man. I went into doing a lot of research. I was so keen in knowing what to do being you. One of the things i came to find out is that people get into marriage expecting someone else to make you happy. The next woman coming to my life better know she’s not coming to make me happy. She’s coming as a cream to the cake because the cake is already prepared. I’m whole. Make yourself happy before somebody else," Added Dr Ofweneke.

"Domestic violence is such a bad thing…I had to walk away…I had to run, yes I am a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids,” Shared Nicah the queen on Instagram


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