Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife claps back at Critics after make-up blunder [Photos]

No Chills Manze!!

The hit-maker of “Naringa” acquired a new look recently after getting her hair dyed blonde.

The talented singer has responded boldly stating that she is not going to stop anytime soon, when it comes to make-up application.

“Mniwache prisss.....when I don't apply make up ohhh that's how she looks without make up?oooh she should just apply make up.when she applies make up..ohh that's too much,oooh you need to do it like this n this....hii make up niko kupaka my friends na sijaweka Ile ujuzi yangu nilijifunza UK, btw hiyo eyebrow pencil ni ya black!!!!wacha kwanza niende niwaekee baby hair hapo nini...lol” wrote Nicah the Queen

Concerned Comments

“Too much make-up... Be natural girl ,you are fearfully and wonderful made.” Wrote one user

“Sawa endelea kushtua watu unakaa mchawi” wrote another user

“The eyebrow game is good ...but shade of the pencil not so good. You are so beautiful n I love you but your brows Si utafutie pencil ya color ingine, it makes you look so plastic plsss” others added

“ni ukweli btw ame exaggerate lakini wajua yuko light skin sa anafaa apunguze”

“Are you bleaching ama ni filter za Tecno?alafu the eyebrows are too dark unanishtua”

“I wish you could do alittle less coz you are very pretty... To avoid looking plastic... My opinion though.”

“Baby girl I love you..maybe you can tone down on the brow,make or look more natural.you beautiful either way though(from a place of love)”


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