Citizen TV anchor fires 3 maids after discovering they posed risk to her 11-month old son

Janet Mbugua has narrated how she was frustrated by nannies she employed to watch over her son, Ethan Huru Ndichu, while she working night shift at Citizen TV.

Janet Mbugua’s son will be turning one on Wednesday October 26; but things have not been easy for the Citizen TV’s anchor for the last 11 months since her baby Ethan was born.

Janet has had her equal share of drama with the nannies she employed to watch over her son. In a lengthy Facebook post, Mama Ethan narrated how she was forced to fire three househelps  after discovering they posed risk to her son’s wellbeing.

She says nightmare in her house began when her competent nanny got pregnant; she had to let her loose and employed another nanny to take care of baby Ethan.

But the new domestic worker turned out to have unpredictable personality; Janet suspected she could be bi-polar.

“ It's been a hectic ride and I've chosen to lay low and figure it all out a day at a time. I would hear women complain about domestic workers but always felt like they were being unfair. If you just treat them well it all comes together, right? Well, the last few months have been an eye opener! I've had a day bug for almost 10 years so I didn't quite grasp the concept of changing them every so often. When Baby Huru was born, she even helped by spending a few nights, especially the nights I was working, so I never quite felt the imbalance...until she announced her pregnancy! I was happy for her but...her timing. Naturally I had to start looking for someone who would be able to sleep in.

Sleep in number 1 was sharp and energetic but had a very unpredictable personality that I later told her might be bi polar. Her constantly making excuses not to come to work and having dramatic episodes and tantrums made me end employment with her. She saw it coming but didn't anticipate that I'd be so quick to release her.”  Janet Wrote in part.

She goes on to reveal that she employed another nanny but fired her after just 4 days when she discovered she was taking selfies with Baby Ethan.

“I was stuck again and when sleep-in number 2 came, I still had a bit of patience. She worked very well but seemed slightly awkward with the baby. I asked my day bug to keep a look out for anything suspicious and try to learn her. 4 days later, it emerged that she'd been taking photos of my baby, selfies, no less! Coupled with her cavalier demeanor, I showed her the door, telling her if she can do that in 4 days I'm not sure what she was capable of doing in 4 years!”

After firing the ‘selfie nanny’, Janet employed another domestic worker whom she says was always destructed by her phone. The maid fired herself before Mama Ethan could show her the door.

“Sleep in number 3 and my patience was starting to wear thin. To her credit she was jolly and she and Baby Huru got on really well! But she was always...distracted. Spent a lot of time on the phone even when she was with the baby (that's a HUGE no-no), would get emotional and cry when corrected and seemed to be in a daze. Her last week working for me she was very unwell and left, never to return.”

The Citizen TV anchor summarized her nanny tale by revealing her competent maid returned to take care for her son after she gave birth.

“My day bug had since given birth and a close relative was helping out around the house and with the baby. One by one the sleep ins called me asking for their jobs back...I grunted, scoffed and scolded my 'no'. Alas, it wasn't all my fault after all!

After weeks of somehow figuring out how to work, do my projects run my home, with a lot of help with Baby Huru from my mother (I can't explain how much I appreciate her!) all while being pretty much sleep deprived and exhausted, I finally found one who seems sane. Mature and willing to work so I'm praying I can over look any minor issues.

This imbalance in ones life can cost people their jobs, their relationships! And you end up sounding like the woman who doesn't have it together. When you do! But a few selfish people who don't appreciate all the good you do, come back begging for jobs they took for granted."


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