The Trend Host reveals the misconceptions people have about her prolonged Illness

The Media Personality is set to go for treatment in US

Njambi who is a Panelist on The Trend, has revealed that People have been having misconceptions about her prolonged illness.

Njambi’s response was triggered by a man who send her a message, claiming that she was suffering from a generational curse from her late Grandmother.

Shed added that since coming out as an endowarrior, a lot has been said about her condition, mostly by men who don’t understand what she is going through.

“You know ever since I came out as an endowarrior, so much has been said about it by some men. Men who don't understand what women go through. Today as I perfectly choose to have a good day, it's made better by ignorance. This man sent me a message saying that I'm living through a generational curse left by my grandma and he has contacts for a medicineman that will sort it out. To him endometriosis needs a cure from the medicineman.” Said Njambi

She added that, men need to understand that women across the world are fighting with the same condition and therefore her late grandmother should not be dragged into her condition.

“So firstly, he needs to understand that I don't come from one tribe in Kenya. I'm mixed more than your mixed tea.  Secondly, this endofight is millions of women fighting. Don't dare pull my late grandma and my family into something you're not aware of. These women have seen me fight. I don't think it's right for anyone to spew their ignorance and involve my family. Drag me all you want but not my mothers and sisters. These women are my rock. These women know we are winning this war and so are the millions of women battling Endometriosis.” added Njambi

According to Njambi People need awareness about such conditions in the society so that they stay on the know.

“To all my endowarriors, awareness is important. We come from cultures that silence our pain and experiences as women. People need to be educated and informed about this.Just like AIDS and Cancer, we shall raise awareness.Men like these and some women need to be informed because before they know it your women could be affected. Research. Learn. Teach and support the women.”

Njambi has undergone several Surgery and she is also raising money to go for Treatment in the US.


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