The Trend's Njambi Koikai gives an update on her health

I'm coming home soon - Njambi.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel as Fyah Mummah is recovering from the debilitating condition.

Njambi who has spoken publicly about her painful battle with the disorder recently disclosed that for the first time since she was 13 having her period is no longer a harrowing experience.

She no longer takes painkillers to ease the pain, her flow is not heavy and the best news of all, her lungs did not collapse either.

“I love my face. I love how my body is responding to treatment and therapy even though sometimes it may be painful and uncomfortable. Good news is I was on my period last week. I did not take any painkillers for my period or burn myself with a hot water bottle. My flow was not heavy either. I've never experienced a painless period since I was 13. God is truly gracious and placed me in the hands of the best doctors. My lungs did not collapse either. It felt abnormal. It felt so different to have a normal period. No injections for period pain.” She revealed.

Njambi had earlier told her fans that she would be home soon once she was done with therapy. Giving an update on her health the slender TV personality wrote. “I'm coming home soon. I've recovered greatly even though it will take about another year for full internal recovery(due to the lungs and pelvic surgeries). But knowing me naweza recover in 6 months. Hii ugonjwa tumepambana nayo. God amekuwa na mimi sana.So we have 5.2m to raise and I still need your help to clear the hospital bill and therapy. Paybill Number is 490681 Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund”


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