Former Homeboyz Radio Presenter Mwalimu Rachael and singer Timmy Tdat have landed new jobs at the most modernized Radio Station in Kenya.

Mwalimu Rachael and Timmy will be hosting the #NRGTransit on NRG Radio every Monday to Friday.

The news of the two joining NRG Radio station were announced via their social media handles.

“Talk of the town... NRG on Transit by  and  will be turning up your afternoon every Monday to Friday from 3PM - 7PM. . LIVE ON AIR! Our first presenters  and  are now on air! Tune in to 91.3 or Stream Live on and feel the NRG! ” shared Timmy and Mwalimu Rachael

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Timmy Tdat

“It's a serious Monday,new day new hustle added on the usual favorite one. Always wanted to expand my media career,where should I take it next?” Acha nisiwaweke saana,announcement ndio hii..not your ordinary radio presenter live not on your ordinary radio station  with  on the  tune in 91.3 ..the beat of the moment!” wrote Timmy Tdat in a series of posts

Mwalimu Rachael

"Game on at 3PM!!! Keep it 91.3FM and!!! ? . Just in case you didn't get the memo... .

"Can't stop God's plan!! Warming up this high tech gear!!See you at 3PM."