Ken Mijungu's last message as a bachelor ahead of wedding to KQ air hostess

Wedding bells are ringing and they are ringing for NTV’s Ken Mijungu.

Ken Mijungu and wife to be

Now Ken and Laureen, a KQ air hostess will be getting married this Saturday in an invite only garden wedding attended by colleagues and family.

A few days ahead of their wedding, Ken Mijungu posted his last message as a bachelor which read "#MyPerson @lolozroo #Theweekthatwillbe #Therecomeatime”

Their wedding comes close to a year after he got engaged to the lass in a traditional Kalenjin ceremony known as Koito that was held in Baringo.

Before his a young man is accompanied by his mum, aunty and two of his friends to the girl’s homestead and initial marriage negotiations are undertaken, the engagement date is set and the man is told what he is expected to bring as gifts to the family.

On his engagement day, the groom comes with three men and three women excluding his parents and they are forbidden from entering the bride-to-be’s house before they explain the nature of their visit. They are later allowed in for an important ritual.

In what looks a lot like a ritual in the traditional Kikuyu ceremony Rũracio ladies from the bride's side form a queue and the groom-to-be is expected to identify his bride, if he fails he has to produce a cow as a fine.

After she is correctly identified, the girl gives her father the go-ahead to get on with the dowry negotiations then the 6 people who had accompanied the groom are invited in for the dowry negotiations. And if they strike a deal, food is served and they join the community members for a ‘lit’ party and the two lovebirds are offered gifts.

They are then anointed with oil and declared husband and wife.


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