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NTV’s Dr. King’ori introduces his new born for the first time (Photo)

She's so adorable

Dr. Kingori with his wife (Instagram)

NTV’s Dr, King’ori has shared the first photo of his new born baby to the world after his wife gave birth on December 23, last year.

The Wicked Edition host, shared the first photo of their daughter, without revealing her name.

“I speak baby already. I've decided to teach this young lady as early as NOW. Ubaya wa watoto wa siku hizi hawezi kukuskiza akiona TV” reads Dr. King’ori’s caption.


Towards the end of last year, Dr King’ori took his fans by surprise after sharing a photo with his pregnant wife in December 2018.

The reason that the news was a big surprise is that though he is a public figure, he is fiercely private and many people didn’t know he had a wife, leave alone a pregnant one.

In an interview with Heads Up the beloved comedian disclosed that though he is Christian and his wife is a Muslim, they decided to each stick to their religion but are going to raise their child as a Christian.

“I believe God is one and she is open-minded. We decided I should remain a Christian and her a Muslim, but our kids will be raised as Christians and so far, it is working well,” he revealed.


He is a father of two.


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