Anne Waiguru gets emotional over Jimmy Gait

Anne Waiguru could not contain her emotions...

Anne Waiguru

The reason for his very public weeping which is rare for an African man was that he had had enough of all the cyber bullying he underwent after he released the ‘Yesu ndio sponsor’ song.

“I sing about how a real Christian should portray himself or herself and how to respond to situations. That’s what I try to bring out to my songs, I was waking up in the morning and trending like I have never seen before. I was going through my social media time line and was like Jesus! What is all this?” He said in between tears.

He went on to explain the concept of his song which seems lost on many Kenyan critics.

"People are insulting me and saying all sorts of all things, it is difficult for me...I am human... I have emotions...and feelings. I wake up every day to give it my all and Kenyans decide to just insult me and forget about all the good music I have done.” He added in one of the most emotional TV interviews we have seen in recent times.

His public weeping has struck a nerve with Anne Waiguru who has been under constant cyber-attacks since the NYS scandal, bullying that has gotten so bad that she had to quit social media and not watch TV again.

Speaking on the menace of cyber bullying an emotional Waiguru lamented on JKL “It’s not just me and my children, the other day I saw someone being interviewed and crying. He is just singing his songs and people are hating. Why are you hating him? Don’t listen to something if you don’t like it! Why are you abusing him? What has become of us as a society? You wear something they hate you, you don’t wear they hate you. "


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