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Former Milele FM Presenter announces Major TV Comeback

Get ready for this!!!

"I am BACK people like I never left - but this time on TV. Stay here for details. From the MIC to the SCREEN. " shared Nzula Makosi.

Before her departure in March, Nzula hosted the Milele FM Drive Show alongside comedian Cleophas Awinja aka Otoyo. Earlier on, she co-hosted the ‘Bangaiza’ show alongside Allan Wakori.


“I have decided to take up other challenges. Thank you for the love, support and encouragement. It's not the end of the road for me it's the beginning of a new CHAPTER. Thank you and God bless.” Read her announcement.

Nzula will also be making some money as a motivation speaker where her inspirational messages will be relayed through Safaricom’s ‘Skiza’.

Nzula disclosed that “Every day we need positive messages to kick start the day,” And that is why she is working on this new role.


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