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Octopizzo hits hard at Celebrities who campaigned for NASA and Jubilee

Octopizzo is speaking his mind with no Chills

Through his Instagram Account, Octopizzo questioned all who campaigned for NASA na Jubilee during the election period and now they have failed to condemn killings and police brutality going on in different parts of the Country.

“Wale wasanii wote wamenyamaza sai instead ya ku condemn killings na Brutality ya ma Mban’ga Kawangware, Odhumo,Bungoma na mtaa zingine kadhaa, Mafans na watoi innocent wanamadwa na hamuongei alafu mtatutolea ngoma za kifala mkidai support na votes za mafans. Tunawaona na nawangoja sana.” Said Octopizzo


He added those who were busy on the campaign trails should use the same energy to condemn the killings and stand with the people.“Stand for the people ata kama ulikula doo ya campaign,put yourself in the shoes of those families that has lost innocent kids. Hizo ngoma zenyu mtaziskizia kwa studio this time. Why call yourself an artist if you can’t represent those who look up to you? ” said Octopizzo in his post

This comes after Octopizzo and Jaguar were involved in an online conformation about the Youth who were protesting in Kibera.

“OCTOPIZZO, Kibera youths are engaging authorities in contest even after Nasa leaders urged their supporters to stay away. Yet u remain silent" asked Jaguar

Octopizzo replied with stating that he cannot reason with crying men.


“Today I will ignore you coz I cant reason with Crying men. #StayinYourLanrBruh. Ngoja Gikomba ichomeke tutaongea.” Replied Octopizzo.


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