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Okello Max details the making of 'Put It On Me' video with Nasha Travis [Video]

It was a closed-set: Okello Max responds to speculations about romance with Nasha Travis during the shoot of her music video 'Put It On Me'.

Kenyan singer Okello Max on set with Nasha Travis for her 'Put It On Me' music video

Julius Okello McRymboh, popularly known as Okello Max, has carved a niche for himself in the music industry with his smooth Luo Rhumba tunes that never fail to get people singing and dancing along.

Renowned for signing off song with 'Mtoto Wa Pamela' signature, the singer has always expressed his fondness for the alias, attributing it to his deep love for his mother.

Recently, the 'Nakufa' hitmaker collaborated with Coast-based singer Nasha Travis in the steamy music video 'Put It On Me', sparking discussions about professionalism and boundaries in the music industry.


Addressing speculations of romance during the shoot, Okello clarified the professional process he and Nasha followed before filming commenced.

Speaking in an interview on Pulse Celeb 254 on April 11, Okello clarified that the collaboration began with discussions about the song's theme and the desired level of intensity, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding.

Emphasising the importance of professionalism, Okello highlighted the necessity of clear communication and boundaries during the shoot.

"Of course, it was a closed set. We had to talk about this song. It started when we were creating the song. What do you want to sing about? How extreme can we go? Can we go nasty or reserved? It's a conversation inaanza before hata muanze kuandika song. Then when the song is out you guys can now envision what to achieve in the visual," he said.


Despite the potential for discomfort, he commended the collaborative effort and expressed gratitude to Nasha for the opportunity.

"And in the set ata mi ndio nilikuwa mwoga coz unaeza peleka mkono place flani bahati mbaya alafu ikuwe tena mbona? But it was a nice creation. I loved it. Thank you Nasha for putting me in such a beautiful music video," he said.

Okello shared insights into his work ethic and personal lifestyle, revealing his focus on his craft and minimal involvement in social activities.

Following the wrap-up of filming, he prefers to prioritise personal endeavors rather than engage in post-shoot festivities.


"Wakisema cut and it's a wrap imeisha hivo. Kila mtu anaenda kwake. Personally, I dont' drink I dont party so nikimaliza hiyo am off naenda kufanya mambo yangu.

"There's a person who asked me ulikuwa na wasichana warembo sana kwa set ya Nakufa, mlifanyaje after kumaliza? So I was like si kila mtu alienda kwao. But Aliniambia narrative is different from what I know. He was like set ikiisha wanaparty hata after two days," he said.

In an exciting announcement, Okello invited fans for an upcoming event titled 'Pass the Aux', scheduled for Saturday 13, April 2024.


Promising a lively performance alongside Njerae and other friends, he invited attendees to join in the celebration.


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