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Why I keep my real name a secret - Otile Brown

Otile’s name is one of his best-kept secrets.

We may know the ins and outs of his relationship with booty queen Vera Sidika but how many of us know his actual name?

Well, there is a reason why Otile’s name is one of his best-kept secrets, he wants it to remain a secret.

Speaking to Nation newspaper the ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ singer disclosed that he doesn’t want people to know his name as he doesn’t like it.


When asked what his real name was Otile said: “I’d rather keep people guessing because I don’t like it.”

Though he doesn’t like it, he still values the name as it was given out of love by his late mum. “Even though I dislike it, I treasure it as well because it’s the name my mother (RIP) gave me. She gave it to me out of love and I value it, especially since she’s no longer here.”

In a separate interview with SDE, he explained the meaning of his stage name Otile Brown.

“Otile is an acronym of my real names while Brown is taken from my skin complexion. The name is sort of bold. I am a daring person. Sometimes I can be very unpredictable.” He said.


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