Otile Brown responds to hate over new hairstyle

What do you think of Otile's new look?

Otile Brown (Instagram)

Otile Brown recently debuted his new look, a hairstyle seen on the heads of musicians like Diamond Platnumz and Masterpiece.

His look was however not a hit with fans who told him to stick to his usual hairstyle which always has him looking sharp.

“Pastor Ng’ang’a na watu wake walitoka kwa matuta na wewe unarudi kwa matuta,” read one comment.

“Remove that hairstyle lol...You look good in dye and shaved,” advised another fan with another adding “Yaani dem yako hawezi kukusho hiyo hairstyle haiwezi kabisa.”

Following the backlash on social media, Otile Brown has made it clear that he is sticking to the hairstyle even if fans bash him.

Brace yourselves the hairstyle stays for a year. I love it. Polee” the Baby Love singer wrote.

Bahati's Dreads

Otile is not the only musician who has left fans talking recently after debuting their new look.

About a month ago Bahati decided to take a fashion risk by getting some extensions attached to his signature baby locks. He debuted his brand new hairstyle on his Instagram page where he has 1.3 Million followers.

Bahati’s new look received mixed reactions on social media with some liking it and some not liking it with others being on the fence about it.

His beau Diana Marua publicly expressed her dislike for his new hairdo.

 “Babe, I never fold on you... but this look on you, NAAAAAHHHH @bahatikenya who’s with me?” Miss Marua wrote.

After publicly expressing her disapproval for his new look, Diana pulled a Delilah and cut off his locks while he was asleep.

This was after practically begging her husband to cut them off during their Dubai trip.

“Babe nifanyie favour. Nataka unyoe hizi vitu,“ Diana begged and Bahati adamantly refused, claiming that he had spent a fortune to get that look.

“I spent a lot of money on this hairstyle,” Bahati said during an episode of their show.

When they got back to Kenya, Diana snuck up on him and snipped off his expensive locks.

“I’ll do what I need to do,” she said.

While she was in the middle of her sneaky job, Bahati woke up and ran to the mirror with some of his locks missing.

“Babe ni nini unfanya na nywele yangu?! Kwani unanikata nywele nini? Una ninyoaje nywele?!” a shocked Bahati said.


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