Ray C pours out her Heart to gospel singer Papa Dennis [Video]

Mapenzi Yanarun Dunia!!!

The two big stars have collaborated in a new love song with a dance inspired video shot in South Africa.

The song is wonderfully crafted and the melody construction of "Tornado" allows the soaring vocals of  Ray C to shine through.

“You make me sing, you make me dance, This love is Tornado umenipa nami  nikupe, niwe wako wa milele, niwe wako wa milile nipende nami nikupende, this love is too much oooh!, Let me call you love, love, my sweet potato”

Ray C meets Papa Dennis on the way with her powerful vocals, confessing that she is also in Love and she can’t go anywhere else.

“Ale Papa Dennis Utundu wako napendaga sana, my seet poptato unanibamba sana, sitaki mtu zaidi yako, waseme wasisema mimi ni wako”


The new song has been released under the Maliza Umasikini Brand. Tornado is a love song, introducing  Papa Dennis’s new genre.

It is also the 1st Collaboration that Ray C has done and it will serve as an assurance to her fans that she is back in the industry after a long  break.


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