Awinja finally reveals the identity of her baby daddy

Speculations have been rife that a Churchill show comedian is responsible for her pregnancy….

Awinja pregnant

According to a saucy entertainment website, Awinja had reportedly been involved with Sleepy David. The gossip site went ahead to claim that he also had Chantelle and Shix Kapienga in his harem.

"@sleepydavid has that sponsor look.... how you eat all this nunu tho??.... show us that cassava ...seems the cassava isn't sleepy....rumor has it that.... @chantelle254 @shixkapienga and @jackyvike have been watching the same ceiling....Are you a soon to be dad @sleepydavid??? "Part of the post read.

Something which Sleepy denied and said that the news came as surprise too. But now people no longer have to speculate as Awinja has finally revealed the identity of her baby’s father.

And his name is Alfy Simatwa Ngachi who is not just her baby’s father but also her legally wedded husband.

Speaking to True Love, Awinja said that Alfy is pretty special in comparison to her other spouses as he is not only supportive but is not obsessed with her celebrity status as ‘Awinja ‘.

“He is supportive. With my demanding career, my decisions and the fact that he doesn’t refer to me as Awinja is a plus. We have our on-off moments and even went on to date other people, but as it turns out, most of them could not unmarry my character as Awinja  and me and Jackie Vike.” She told Tue Love Magazine explaining the reason she loves Alfy so much.


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