Pastor Ken Gomeri response after exposé of taking advantage of school girls went public

Predators instead of preachers of the word

Ken Gomeri with Xtian Dela (Instagram)

Youthful Kasarani Pastor Ken Gomeri has responded to allegations of taking advantage of young school girls after an exposé about his behavior went public.

Over the weekend a lady identified as Purity, shared details of how Pastor Gomeri was preying on young ladies, a thread that was picked up by blogger Xtian Dela hence giving it much hype.

However, Gomeri has responded to the claims stating that Xtian is just trying to destroy him at a time he is doing well.

In his response, Gomeri, went ahead to call Dela names, referring to him as a worthless “Dog” who has no purpose in life.

Gomeri response

“Hey guys hope you are well just to bring you to speed Xtian again has decided to hit me on me this will be the second attempt after the first one its sad but I have no energy and strength to reply to worthless dog like this who had no purpose. He normally waits after I do something big which bothers him that he can no longer be in raise your game and its becoming a force to try and destroy” reads part of his response.

Despite Gomeri’s argument that someone is trying to paint a bad image around him, the allegations raised about his career as a man of God demands serious answers, more than pointing fingers.

According to Xtian Dela he has worked with Gomeri before, and back in 2016 he was also labelled as a predator, but he helped him clear his name from the allegations.

Xtian working with Gomeri

“I remember very well in 2016, when I first saw the story about Pastor Ken on blogs and the same allegations. Some anonymous twitter user tagged me in a series of Tweets (Also tagged Jeff Koinange” asking why we were working with Ken Gomeri on a youth mentoriship program called “Raise Your Game” while he was a sex predator. To me it came as a shock. 

The tweets went viral and some trashy blogs picked them up and I remember Ken calling me asking “Bro, Tuna wezaje toa hizo articles”, he asked..I quickly responded..”Wah! Bro, ni Noma! Hizo blogs Ni zile mbaya Juu Hata hazinanga ofisi kama Akina Ghafla,,But Acha nitafute njia ”..(Back then Ghalfa was still Big)...So I worked hard until I traced the owners of the blog..Some Nakuru based guys..Called them up, put on some serious English accent and threw around a few legal jargons and in a few hours the article was down..As a matter of fact they were so scared that they closed down the blog” wrote Xtain Dela.

Toboa by Xtian Dela, is a Telegram channel that has been exposing the rot in our society, more so in the Kenyan Gospel Industry as users tend to share their experiences in the hands of the trusted men of God, who turned out to be predators instead of preachers of the word.


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