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Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby showered with love as they celebrate son's birthday in hospital

Happy birthday!

Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby showered with love as they celebrate son's birthday in hospital

Singer Peter Miracle Baby and his wife Carol Katrue have celebrated their son’s first birthday with the ailing singer on his hospital bed.

The couple captured the moment on camera with baby Rhonix's taking to social media to share the pictures.

Carol Katrue wished baby Rhonix a happy birthday writing:

“Happy birthday baby Rhonix you have officially turned a year may God always protect you we love you baby😍🤩”


One of the photos shows Peter Miracle Baby lying on a hospital bed while lovingly hugging and kissing his son.

Another photo shows Carol lovingly holding the baby with the singer in the background.

Fans trooped to Carol’s social media pages to wish him a happy birthday.

nycewanjeri: Happy Birthday

colnul.warren: happy birthday baby boy 😍


this_is_gathoni: Happiest birthday to baby ❤

george_njugush: You will come out strong soon....God is with your family 👪. ....Happy birthday 🎂 to young champion

fruitful_fidelis1: Happiest birthday little champ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

jeff_waigwa: Happiest birthday to that amazing baby🎂🎂


lucjam_22: Happy birthday Rhonix... May Almighty bless you greatly and bless your parents with all they ask for so as to provide and tke care of you... Happy birthday Champion.

Appeal for financial assistance

The Mugithi singer was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago with health complications that have seen him undergo a series of surgeries.


Alongside his wife, the singer issued a heartfelt appeal to well-wishers and fans across Kenya to assist in clearing a daunting medical bill.

"Guys, we are appealing for funds to pay the bill... Peter will be discharged tomorrow, and the hospital bill is 1.6m now," she stated, encapsulating the gravity of their situation in an appeal last week.

Carol Katrue accuses baby mamas of neglecting Miracle Baby

Carol who has been providing updates on Miracle’s baby health at one point accused women who claim to be Miracle Baby’s baby mamas of vanishing at a time when he is sick, leaving her to take care of the ailing singer alone.

"Baby mama wamekua wakimfaitia where are they? (Where are the baby mamas who have been fighting for him?)" The interviewer asked, prompting Carol Katrue to set the record straight.


"Hawako mi sijaona ata mmoja. Ata ile kupiga simu kuuliza ako aje hakuna ata mmoja (They are nowhere to be seen, not even one has turned up. None of them has even reached out to find out how he is progressing)” The mother of one responded.


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