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I have received several proposals - Woman speaks after advertising for husband

She is selling like hot cakes…

She revealed her age, number and that she had a child on a placard in photos that have since gone viral.

While some may have termed her move as 'desperate', Priscilla’s decision to hit the streets has paid off as she has more men sliding in her DMs than an Instagram slay queen.

Speaking on KTN, the 28-year-old lady, who is very cute by the way said that her phone has been blowing up since her pictures went viral.


After her 20 minute interview with KTN, she had over 80 missed calls and hundreds of messages from possible suitors.

So what kind of a man is she looking for?

“I want a man with a job. A man who will understand me, one who is hardworking and he should accept that I am a single mum. I want him to protect my daughter and one who will educate my daughter and help her with her homework since homework has become a problem in my household.” She said.

But if you love to turn up, then don’t apply because Priscilla doesn’t want one who parties too hard and drinks alcohol.

So far there is a widower in Nyahururu who has met Priscilla's criteria and she revealed that she is looking forward to meeting him.


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