King Kaka reveals how top Tanzanian artist changed his Life

From just a fan in cyber café along Moi avenue to a friend

King Kaka

They say in this world everybody has a beginning no matter how humbled it is.

King Kaka has decided to dig back and remember his humble beginning, when he used to be just a fan of Tanzanian Top Hip Hop artist Joh Makini.

According to King Kaka four years ago, he used to go to a cyber café just to watch videos of musicians who had names by that time with Joh Makini being one of them.

The hit Maker of “Besha Shigana”, reveals that he got inspiration from listening and watching celebrities like Joh.

“Leo I was on YouTube and I saw Joh Makini's song Bye Bye, and I just started laughing. 4yrs ago used to go to this Cyber Cafe called Benan computer 33 and pay a full day fee and most of the time I would spend time watching videos and I was a huge fan of Joh.” Posted King Kaka on Instagaram

He went ahead to say how grateful he is for having worked with Joh Makini in his three songs and also being his close friend.

“I speak today we have 3songs with Joh and we talk on a regular basis. From just a fan in cyber cafe along moi avenue to a friend. Hard And Smart Work never fails, now you have to believe me when I say Impossible Is A Myth. “Captioned King Kaka.

It’s high time that you should believe in yourself and explore the potential in you. With determination and hard work everything is possible.

Joh Makini is among the most celebrated Hip Hop artist and the top gears in the Weusi group.


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