AY's advise to Jaguar after 'Xenophobic' remarks

Here is how to win the hearts of Tanzanians again

MP Charles Njagua with AY

Veteran Tanzanian Rapper Abwene Allen Yessayah popularly known as AY has schooled MP Charles Njagua on how to win the hearts of Tanzanians again, after his ‘xenophobic' remarks that landed him in trouble.

In an update seen by Pulselive.co.ke, AY disclosed that he knows his people (Tanzanians) well and the Stahere MP is to accept that he was wrong and apologize.

He went ahead to suggest to him words that he feels will sooth Tanzanians, when used in his apology.

@jaguarkenya Mimi Nawajua Watanzania wenzangu kuliko wewe tumia maneno haya muhimu kuwaambia wananchi hii issue iishe tuendelee na mambo mengine..Sema hivi- SAMAHANI...NIMEKOSA...NIMEKOMA ... NA SITARUDIA TENA -Ni mimi mshkaji wako Ambwene Allen Yessayah (A.Y)” advised AY.

Jaguar in Court

On Thursday, Jaguar was presented in Court after being arrested outside Parliament buildings by Detectives from DCI. The legislator has a case to answer after threatening to forcefully kick out Chinese, Tanzanians and Ugandans traders.

The Tanzanian government summoned Kenyan High Commissioner to Dar es Salaam Dan Kazungu to explain the MP's 'xenophobic' remarks.

Other celebrities in Tanzania who previously worked with Jaguar or supported his music also expressed displeasure in his statement.

Mr Puaz

Bro @jaguarkenya Niko nawaza Cha kukuandikia, BUT ....... just apologies hi Mambo iishe... Bado Niko na heshima mingi kwako especial Mziki Wako ambao umetufanya wengi tuburudike na wengine tulikuwa wadogo Sana kukusikiliza. We are one East Africa , we are one people. The last time u showed "HATE" was when my former artist couldn't perform in Eldoret due to promoters issue and you even went on Radio and start talking bad things and u didn't even know the other side of the story. Please Just CHANGE. UMOJA NI NGUVU , TUSHIKAMANE, TUISHI KWA AMANI”

“My brother @jaguarkenya ipo hekima kwenye kugundua ulikosea na kuomba radhi,uliteleza tu..apologize and lets move on,kila mtu hukosea..hii ya kuzunguka zunguka na maneno haitasaidia,haitaondoa hii kitu.. How did we misinterpret “tutawapiga”?” wrote Mwana FA.

Meena Ally

“Its okay to emphasize on foreign citizens to do business in your country legally,or discuss whatever issue that is in the benefits of improving a certain community. Asking citizens to beat foreigners and take them back home in 24 hrs if theres no response from your government on the issue, now thats straight up xenophobia, and the issue Tanzanians are mad about. All in all, as you said, sisi ni ndugu, I hope it all ends and we put eyes on the match kesho! Its all love!”


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