Rayvanny finally explains why they performed banned song ‘Mwanza’

The performance landed them in trouble!

Rayvanny finally explains why they performed banned song ‘Mwanza’

WCB singer Rayvanny has for the first time explained why he and Diamond performed their banned song Mwanza, that landed them in trouble.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian presenter Lil Ommy, Vanny Boy said that when they got to Mwanza City, it was so difficult for them because fans followed them to the hotel where they were to stay before the event.

He narrated how fans started throwing things at them demanding that they sing the song Mwanza that was flying high then, but had been banned by the Tanzanian Government.

Rayvanny said he does not know what happened after that and the song was playing and the whole crowd was excited, singing along and that was how they found themselves performing the banned song.

Tukawa tumeenda tumefika Mwanza kwa wenye wimbo sasa. Hapo ndio ilikuwa vita kwa sababu tulipofika Mwanza watu wametufuata mpaka hotelini nje pale watu wanaimba… So tulipofika Mwanza ilikuwa ngumu sana kwa sababu watu walikuwa wanarusha makopo sisi hatukuwa tumepanga tulikuwa pale tu ila sijui ni DJ wa Mwanza pale alipanda stejini sijui ilikuwa nini nilishangaa dude limeachiwa alafu uwanja wote umeinuka kwa hivyo tukasahau kwamba bwana tulistopishwa kwa zile amsha amsha tukajiukuta tumeperform ndio baada ya kumaliza tukaambiwa tumeperform,” narrated Rayvanny.

The Chombo singer went on to clarify that the performance was not intentional and they did not have it planned as the authorities thought.

Diamond, Rayvanny banned

The Tanzanian government through its regulatory body Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) banned Diamond and Rayvanny from performing in and out of Tanzania indefinitely.

This was after they performed their banned hit single ‘Mwanza’ at the Wasafi Festival in Mwanza City on Sunday, 16th December 2018.

The board accused the musicians of being disrespectful and insolent after they performed the banned song.

The ban has since been lifted.


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