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See the car Prezzo drove as a 'fresher' in University (Photo)

Prezzo, heir to the successful business empire Makini Herbal Clinic started by the late Morris Makini has gained a reputation for his extravagant lifestyle.


As a trendsetter, he formed the rich Cash Money Brothers (CMB) clique and set off a trend of celebrities jetting into events with a chopper like he did in 2003 during the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

But before he was a famous rapper, Big Brother Africa (BBA) finalist and a former cast member of ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Prezzo used to go to school. Yep, Prezzo may seem to cool for school but he actually made it to university.

As expected, even back then, he still turned heads and was the hot topic in everyone’s mouth. This is because of the stunning 2000 Porsche 911 Gemballa he drove into school that was gift from his mum.


“Old money fam, my 1st ride in uni had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way.... & u wonder why I love my mum to death. Gods son #Rapcellency.” He captioned the photo that led to an exchange on the comment section.

This was after Kelvin Masakhwi commented “So it was your mum's car I don't understand???” to which Prezzo retorted with “Yes it was my mums car, I mean...same way ur mums mkokoteni belonged to u coz at the end of the day she ur mum & the mkokoteni belonged to u so Dnt hate @kelvinwhateverthefuckurnameis it's jst life Dnt suffer from negligence... Life is a b*tch"

Then Kelvin came for him with “It wasn't hate son be humble you coming for my mum I didn't come for yo's you Walmart version of a nigga don't get mad it was a question see your lips keep beefing sitting in the passenger seat of ur mums car trying to halla at bitches with ur android phone with a used condom u nail polish remover high school king of rap a money nigga doesn't have throw back's but no disrespect you still my nigga tho!”

Here is the exchange:


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