“Napenda ikiwa kavu” Booty queen spills the beans on her sex life like never before (18+ content)

Risper Faith is usually very shy and reserved but Nairobi Diaries seems to have unleashed her inner Cardi B because she is now very brazen and real in her answers. So brazen is she that one feels a little bashful watching it.


The Nairobi Diaries’ star was recently at Mpasho and the video guy really had some PG 18+questions to ask. Here is an extract from the interview:

When did you lose your virginity?

When I was 20 years...September 23rd

What do you think of sponsors? Have you ever had one?


You have had a sponsor?


How many?

One…he takes care of me and I take care of him. (Her sponsor in this case is her boyfriend Brian)

Thong or mothers union?

Booty popper (her product)

Sex with a CD or without?

Without…I’m in a relationship. It’s not sweet with the cover it’s sweet without it.

How do you describe yourself?

I’m humble, down to earth and business oriented.

Do you like giving or receiving oral sex?

I like giving oral sex. I give a lot …even in bed.

How long should a man last?

One hour…minimum.

Favourite sex position?


Do you sleep naked?

Of course…always.

What’s the favourite part of your body?

My ass...coz it sexy and attracts people to me.


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