Zari Hassan blocked us- Diamond’s brother opens up

The WCB Vice President spills the beans

Romy Jons with Zari Hassan. (Instagram)

WCB Vice President Romy Jons has revealed that his Brothers (Diamond Platnumz) baby Mama Zari Hassan blocked his family members from reaching out to her on all her social media pages.

In a recent Interview with a local daily in Tanzania, Romy disclosed that being blocked by Ms Hassan is not a big deal, as its always a personal decision to or not to talk to family members of your Baby Daddy when no longer in a relationship.

He added that what matters most is his brother’s happiness and they can’t choose for him, who to be in love with.

“Sioni tatizo kublokiwa, lakini sisi tunachoangalia ni furaha ya Diamond inakuwepo basi, hayo mambo mengine si muhimu sana,” said Rommy Jons.

On the other hand, Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz stated that as a family they cannot intrude his brother's love life but all they can do is offer support and advice where necessary.

Esma speaks on zari and Tanasha

“Sisi hatuwezi kuingia sana kwenye uhusiano wa Nasibu (Mondi), lakini huwa tunamsapoti pale anapokuwa. Kwa sasa yupo na Tanasha, basi tunamuunga mkono. Na Huwezi amini Tanasha tayari ameshakaa ndani ya moyo wangu, nampenda sana na kuna muda najiuliza alikuwa wapi muda wote? Kwa nini hakutokea mapema kwenye familia yetu?” said Esma in an interview with Global Publishers.

Follows only 7 people

Doing a cross check on Zari Hassan’s Instagram page, its evident that in Tanzania she only follows 7 people; that’s Vanessa Mdee, Kifesi (former Diamond’s photographer) Millard Ayo, Rally Jones (Diamond’s step Dad), Juju Dumyz, Rita Paulsen and Babu Tale.

Last year, Zari through a BBC interview mentioned that she blocked his Baby Daddy after realizing that he was disrespectful towards women, with allegations of being a serial cheater.


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