Sanaipei Tande reveals how she got Rashid Abdalla’s attention

The ‘Aziza’ actress speaks.

Sana and Rashid (Instagram)

In 2018, Sana landed the lead role in ‘Aziza’ a TV series about a young girl from a humble background with a talent for music trying to make it in the cut-throat world.

She recently spoke about how she landed the role that has made her a household name in the film industry. Miss Tande said that she got Rashid Abdalla’s attention thanks to a little skit on her song ‘Ankula Huu’

“Getting the Aziza job was very random. Rashid Abdalla saw my song Ankula Huu. I have a skit at the beginning where I am plaiting someone’s hair and I’m talking about how my husband is a deadbeat dad ni ni ni . They saw that and they liked it and they were like ‘this girl can act’ that’s it, that’s how I got Aziza. The show has been written around me and if you watch it you will notice that there are some episodes that have karaoke which is something that I host. That’s how acting came along,” she revealed during an interview with Malkia Africa Productions.

“Initially I had done a cameo on Auntie Boss and Eve D’Souza thought that I did a good job so she offered me a job as Eva the estranged girlfriend of Don and then Aziza came along and that was it,” she added.

Playing the role of ‘Aziza’ has been good but also challenging for Sanaipei because Kiswahili is hard.

“The challenge with Aziza is that Kiswahili is hard and changes so much. I was born and raised in Mombasa but when I go back I can’t understand what they are saying and I am like what is that? That’s a new word. Is there a new Kamusi that I didn’t know?,” she commented.

Jiffy Productions

‘Aziza’ is one of Lulu Hassan and Rashid’s productions under their production house Jiffy Pictures. The couple has another very successful show called ‘Maza’ which got a nod at the ‘Kalasha Film and TV Awards’ in 2018. ‘Maza’ premiered in August 2017 and depicts the unfolding intrigues and drama of a once successful family whose strong bond is crushed by a best friend’s envy in one night.

‘Maza’ depicts real-life scenarios around friendships gone wrong, jealousy, twists and turns that raise the plot of the drama minute by minute and the use of supernatural powers to satisfy the greed for wealth.


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