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Diamond’s mum defends her grandson “Nillan” after DNA rumors

Mama Nasseb has spoken after claims that Diamond had conducted a secret DNA test of Nillan

Mama Nassesb took to her Instagram to share a photo of her grandson Princes Nillan, Diamond’s second born with a clear caption to prove that he belongs to his son.

His mother was responding to several Tanzanian news outlets who had alleged that Nillan is not a Tanzanian Baby.

Through her Instagram Account Mama Naseeb had this to say “TANZANIA BOY”


The claims forced Zari to clear the air via her Snapchat account where she slammed those saying that Nillan is not Diamond’s son.

“Hamna kitu kama DNA huyo ni mtoto wa Diamond sijui mbona watu wanasema si mtoto wake.”She said before adding that she didn't  forbid Diamond from going to Uganda “There is nothing like that. That’s so wrong, hamna kitu kama hicho watu wanaongea, hakuna kitu kama hicho.”

Speaking to Soudy Brown of U-Heard on Clouds FM Zari also explained the reason why she pulled down all Diamond’s photos from her Instagram account, saying they have decided to keep their relationship off social media.


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