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See what Bien and girlfriend have done after break up rumours

They have finally revealed what is up...

Bien and his girlfriend at a Fashion High Tea event

But as it turns out they are still together. Speaking to Mpasho, Bien said “Niko na dem yangu hapa tunakula breakfast masimu zinaingia kwa nyumba yetu mpaka tunashindwa tufanye nini…Na tuko tu sawa muache kututafuta manze.”

He then went on to bellow “Play my new music. Stop calling me on stupid things that go on air men.”

Now to prove that they are still together the two have posted a video looking very much in love and jamming to C4 Pedro and Sauti Sol's new jam 'Love Again'.


A song whose lyrics read: Kwetu walishakupenda, kwako nilishasurrender We ain’t got no time siku zaenda (siku za enda)...Mapenzi ya dhati yashatubana, harufu ya muziki ishatuzingira. Si quickie siringi dondosa, oya baby come closer (Translation: They love you back home, I have surrendered to you...We ain't got no time and time is quickly passing by. We are stuck in love, music surrounds us, this is not a quickie, come closer)

The two also seductively grinded (ground?) on each other to confirm that they were still as thick as thieves.


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