Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals how Congolese promoter conned them Sh1 Million

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Sauti Sol’s Bien reveals how Congolese promoter conned them Sh1 Million

Boy Band Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza has for the first time narrated how a Congolese promoter conned them Sh1 million.

Speaking while sharing his experience in web series Janjaruka, Bien said that they had previously performed in Congo and the private promoter thought it would be a good idea to have them perform again on Christmas eve.

We had a show in Congo this one time in a place called Goma, it was so successful we played and the stadium was packed and we always had a dream of going back because we thought that would be the norm. But the second time we were invited to play was by a private promoter who had just seen our show previously and was like this would be the guys to bring to play on Christmas eve,” said Bien.

He went on to say that as soon as they arrived in Goma where they were set to perform and checked into the hotel where they had been booked, the promoter started becoming devious. Each time they ordered food, the hotel couldn’t give them food until the promoter paid for their hotel rooms.

So it was on the 23rd December tukaenda Rwanda tukachukua a three hour bus ride mpaka Goma everything was fine from pickup at the airport they had paid business class tickets. Kufika Goma tukaingia hio place first of all tukacheck in kwa hotel, vibe ilikuwa ni kama show itashika and then it got to a point where now the day of the show is here and the promoter is being shifty, every time we order food we are told the promoter has to first of all pay for the rooms before you get food and stuff like that. There were a couple of red flags,” Bien narrated.

When the day of the show came, they went to the venue and found around 15 people waiting for them, they went ahead and performed but when it got to the promoter making the final payment of USD 10,000 (Sh1 million) he said he couldn’t do it that night, and would clear the payment very early in the morning, the next day.

After the show he was supposed to give us like USD 10, 000 as a way of finishing off the payment, so he was like he would finish up the payment in the morning before you guys go to the airport. I need to go to the bank and etc,” added Bien.

As they wanted to check out the following day, they were detained by the hotel because their bills had not been paid but the hotel got in touch with the promoter who then cleared the hotel bill but asked them (Sauti Sol) to wait for him.

According to Bien, they waited for the promoter until around 1pm but he still did not show up and they decided to leave without the final payment. Up until today, they have never heard from the guy.


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