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Exclusive: Shaffie Weru reveals why he is not leaving his kids anything when he dies

Shaffie Weru is not leaving his kids any inheritance.

But Shaffie does not intend on leaving his children squabbling over his wealth as he is not leaving them anything.

He believes that he has equipped them with the tools needed to make money so they need no inheritance. The radio presenter has provided everything his children need now, he has taken them to the best schools, given them shelter and food. For Shaffie that is enough.

“For my kids, I give them shelter, take them to great schools and if they think  nitadedi niwaachie doo, watashangaa. Doo watafute yao. That’s my motto.”  The Raverend disclosed torpedoing any hope that he will leave a will behind.


Shaffie also revealed that he is not the kind to shy away from spending his money when he has it.

“Sometimes I go broke very badly but when I have money I spend it. Coz you never know what to expect tomorrow and I don’t want to be that guy that left money stashed in the mattress or in the bank.” He said.


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