Kiss 100’s Shaffie Weru has given his two cents on Ella Wanjiru’s sex tape that has been circulating on social media.

The KTN reality TV star had her dignity ransomed by an ex at Sh20, 000 Shillings before he leaked the tape to the internet.

Ella Wanjiru (Instagram)
Ella Wanjiru (Instagram)

Shaffie Weru has now warned ladies against sharing or taking such videos and photos because there are toxic men out there and even if you lover doesn’t leak the video there are IT whizzes who can access deleted information at will.

“Ladies you better beware. We have toxic men out there. By the time you trust and you get to that level you think that your love has reached a level where you start recording each other or you send each other nudes or videos of you playing with yourself, think twice. This is because things will happen, even if the man doesn’t leak them, the videos or pictures will be in that device even if you delete them. We have IT gurus whose job is to access data from people’s phones. Be careful,” he said on Kiss 100.

Be careful - Shaffie Weru
Be careful - Shaffie Weru

He then had a message for men who try to extort money from their former flames.

“And for dudes extorting money from someone you’ve been with, sleeping with or been in a relationship with, times are tough but bro that’s stooping too low you are letting everybody down including yourself,” he said.


In a post on social media, Ella explained that the person behind the leakage of the videos aggressively demanded money from her and even after she sent the money, he still leaked the photos and videos.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Some people on social media streets feed on misery. So let me own this and take their power away.

Intimate pictures and videos of me are being shared on social media. They were never meant for public distribution. Strictly for a person I chose to trust.

A simple story of Girl meets Boy. I fell for him and gave all of me. He ransomed my dignity at 20,000 Shillings and released our intimate communication, knowing that it shall be shared, go viral and become clickbait,” read part of her post.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do - Ella (Instagram)
Tough times don’t last, tough people do - Ella (Instagram)

Please don’t share.

She then asked people to stop sharing her vulnerable images as all it did is further breathe life into her personal nightmare.

“My friends, sending my vulnerable images to others only breathes further life into my personal nightmare. I ask you to deny this extortionist their power. My parents may not be with us, but I’m still someone’s daughter. If you are or have gone through this experience, you’re not alone, and it’s definitely not our fault. This has left me feeling scared, unsafe and worried about my future. However, I refuse to be threatened, shamed or humiliated.

To my Support System (Instafam) thanks for your endless patience and compassion. No malicious comments, no victim-shaming has been expressed towards me by you. Asante. Love & Light,” wrote Ella.

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