Former Let’s Talk show host and cast member of KTN’s Socialites show Ella Wanjiru is the latest victim of a leaked sex tape.

It’s unclear who leaked the tape but the internet is overflowing with speculation about the source of the leak. Some claim that her phone was hacked while other fingers are pointing at a jilted lover.

Ella Wanjiru (Instagram)
Ella Wanjiru (Instagram)

Responding to this major invasion of privacy, Ella made it clear that she will not be cowed by this tape and will continue living her life like it never happened.

When a fan advised her to stay low key, develop a thick skin and not respond to any questions regarding the tape, Ella wrote back “I hear you babe but low key no. I’m living my life like this (never) happened and I’m moving on. Won’t be put in a corner. I won’t let this win or shame me. Thanks for your advice and ❤.”

In an earlier response, Ella said that her life will not be held hostage by cyber terrorists.

“Still living my best life... Cyber terrorism has nothing on me,” she wrote while partying with a friend at Kiza Lounge.

Cyber terrorism has nothing on me - Ella (Instagram)
Cyber terrorism has nothing on me - Ella (Instagram)

Zari Hassan’s sex tape

This unfortunate leak comes about a month after Zari Hassan had her own tape posted on Instagram by blogger Mange Kimambi. This was Mange’s way of one-upping Zari due to their ongoing beef.

Zari Hassan (Instagram)
Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Their fight broke out about after Mange accused Zari of living a fake life that included renting cars to stunt for the gram. In response, Zari accused her of being an escort in the USA whilst living in the ghetto and relying on food stamps.

Mange then decided to pull a fast one on Zari by posting her old sex tape before Vanessa Mdee asked her to pull it down.

In response to the leaked tape and fake life accusations, Zari shared a spectacular view of her compound and captioned it “Where to watch beautiful sunsets. Sio ghetto za trump na usaidizi ya food stamps.”

Zari then went on to respond to the infamous sex tape by writing “Nasubiri jibu K*** yako imekupa nini. Iyo tape ni old news. Usiponipa jibu ongeza kunya packet ya omo this time add jik.”

In an earlier interview with Sanyu FM, Zari had disclosed that the intimate tape made its way online after her lover recorded their intimate session then leaked it after she refused to be blackmailed.

“I’m not ashamed of my past, you don’t plan for a sex video to come out. The time I left Ivan I was dating a person and because it was a long distance relationship thing, we would get on the phone and do whatever we have to do, we were adults and we had our intimate moments. It came to a point where this person had recorded a session. It came to a point where I decided to leave the relationship and he blackmailed me that I should pay him. I said it's fine, you wanna release this video? It's fine. You cannot blackmail me for having a relationship with you. You wanna blackmail me by releasing my sex video that you recorded? It's fine go ahead and he did. It's in the past,” said Zari.

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