Hamisa Mobetto exposed for lying about her real Age

Is age really a big deal?

Hamisa Mobetto .

Women with age is a topic that elicits an endless discussion every time it’s brought up.

Tanzanian video Vixen cum business woman, Hamisa Mobetto has been at the center of trolls on gossip pages in Tanzania after they stumbled upon her official documents (Identify Car and Birth certificate).

Information in the public eye, indicates that the mother of two was born in 1994 (25 years old), but her original documents shows that she was born in 1991.

Keep guessing

Despite copies of her original documents being shared widely, on social media, the Madam Hero maker is yet to confirm if it’s true she has been lying to the public.

Women fear to tell their real age, as most of them associate age with being old.

Research indicates that women always want their age to remain mysterious as it gives the illusion that they are young and the society loves young women.

Women with Age

Other women tend to hide their actual age as they feel men tend to be very judgmental when they know the truth and therefore many don’t want to be judged.

If you are observant, you will realize that there are common comments you will hear when a woman talks about her age;

"She doesn't look her age" (Sounds like a compliment but means, I didn't know she was that old)

"She doesn't look too bad for her age"

"Her age really shows" (Means, I kind of guessed she was that old, but I didn't quite believe it).

Zari Hassan's age

In June last year, Zari Hassan was forced to come clean on her real age.

Zari, while responding to a fan who asked whether she was forty years old, the mother of five said that she was turning 38 years old in September, 2018.

Before that, Ms Hassan had not talked about her age despite people claiming that she was over 40 years old.


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