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Don’t insult or mock me – Bongo singer trolled over ‘Bad English’ states

English is not a measure of intelligence.

Her public struggle with the Queen’s language has been a source of ridicule and taunts from people who feel that she should just stick to Kiswahili instead of trying to ‘impress’ with a language that she is not familiar with.

But Shilole believes that her intelligence should not be judged by how she talks English as it’s not a measure of intelligence.


“I don’t care what people say about me because English is not my first language. When I speak English I shouldn’t be insulted or mocked as I am trying. And even during my travels abroad, I change planes and reach where I want through English. I don’t communicate using sign language, I use my English words and they understand me,” She said during an interview on Mkasi TV.

She also said that when a white person speaks Kiswahili though broken, people will praise them for it but when it comes to Africans its such a big deal.

On Instagram, she also responded to a viral video of her struggling with the word ‘subscribe’. In the video she says ‘suplakibe’ then ‘subcribe’ before finally giving up and asking the interviewer to write it down for her.

“Sabrucraibu mm ndo naona yenyewe tuendeleee kutisha tu mm ndo dada yenu tuvumiliane,” She wrote after sharing the viral video.


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