Size 8's unexpected response to critics who bashed her performance at Uhuru’s swearing in

Fans called her performance bogus and accused her of yelling through it.

While most artistes would be upset over such severe criticism, Size 8’s response was very unexpected. She loved the whole media circus her performance turned into.

“I just love the fact I can be somewhere and people talk about me.I love that because every artiste wants that. Meaning that the favour of God is upon me and first of all I want to thank God for giving me such an opportunity where I am news. Cause there are many artistes who would want to be somewhere but they are irrelevant, it’s like nobody notices. So for me I was shocked because I wasn’t the only artiste who was there so why would people talk about me? First of all, I took a minute and told God ‘Thank you God for giving me such favour that people would talk about me.” She said on Ebru TV before adding that being talked about even in a negative light is not such a bad thing. At least people are talking about you which is good for your brand. So as an artiste you should leverage the negativity to build your brand. “Use that opportunity to build your brand.”

Mrs Muraya also revealed that the performance that went viral was her second performance which she was unprepared for as she was just told to go on stage and perform. She had prepared for her first one and it went pretty well, but unfortunately, it's not the one that trended.

“What trended was my second performance. I was told to go back (on stage) since there was time, I was told ‘Go charge the crowd’ as the program had delayed. I went and I charged up the crowd and I was excited and it was amazing. I loved the fact that the audience was charged up and happy in Christ Jesus. I found it weird that it trended people don’t understand that I performed twice. ”  She explained.


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