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Size 8 reacts after Wendy Waeni mentioned her on #JKLive

Size 8 speaks out

Leyla Mohammed, Wendy Waeni, Ellyanne Githae expose their deadbeat fathers during JKL interview

Gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has responded after Gymnast Wendy Waeni mentioned her as one of her biggest inspirations in life.

Wendy who appeared on Citizen TV’s JKLive shared her heartbreaking story of being exploited by her former manager Joe Mwangi and being raised by a single mother.

Jeff Koinange wanted to know, what keeps the young lady going despite all the challenges she has been through.

“What inspires you” asked Jeff Koinange.


Never Give Up

Ms Waeni responded saying, Size 8 is one of her biggest inspirations as she came from a poor background but now she is doing well in life.

“What inspires me is because of Size 8, I heard her story she came from a very tough background but right now she is very successful and I’m so proud of her” said Ms Waeni.

Upon landing on the compliment from Ms Waeni, Size 8 said “Watching Wendy speak has taught me this " never give up always press on no matter the hardship never give up keep going someone might be watching you and God might be creating a beautiful testimony for others encouragement. Never give up on God it all works out for Gods glory." Big up to the 3 girls. Go on little ladies. Currently looking for this little young lady Wendy. Woi if only we can get her a TV woi @djmokenya do something”.


Don't worry

During the conversation, Wendy also explained that they don’t have a TV at home when she was asked if her mother was watching the show.

NTV’s DJ Mo (Size 8 husband) has promised to get Wendy’s family a TV set as they plan to meet her.

“Do something for her, meet her and tv don’t worry we will get for her babe .... you have a great heart” wrote DJ MO.


Deadbeat fathers

Musician Leyla Mohammed, Gymnast Wendy Waeni and Environmentalist Ellyanne Githae all confirmed that their fathers had left them to be raised by their mothers.

Ellyanne broke down while describing how she came to meet her father in 2017 when she was seven years old.

Wendy sent out an appeal to her father, asking him to come back: "Dad I forgive you, I don't know where you are, I don't know if you're watching but please just come back home, I miss you."




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