Size doesn’t matter - Vera Sidika now claims after bashing Otile Brown’s manhood

She claimed it was too small.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown (Instagram)

Months after trashing Otile Brown’s sex game and the size of his manhood, Vera has admitted that size doesn’t matter skill is what does.

She commented this after a fan asked her if size matters in bed during a Q&A session.

“Does size matter in bed?” read the question and Vera replied with “Not really but what you do with the little you have. But if you don’t know how to use it at least have a good size so the chic can use it on herself well well when u slacking. Small size and no skills is a nightmare.”

Vera humiliates Otile Brown

Her new claims come months after she humiliated her ex by claiming that he has a small manhood, doesn’t engage in foreplay action like kissing, caressing or cunnilingus.

The diss was in response to allegations that Otile Brown’s sex game made her sing after their bitter fall out.

In her messages, Ms Sidika stated that she wanted to clarify allegations that Otile’s sex game drove her crazy to a point she had to compose a breakup song.

“In-laws, I have a kind request may you pals stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng (d*ck) made me sing. First of all. It’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. If you think am lying ask the girls he’s f*cked before. I was the one even teaching him how to f**ck and still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time”

Miss Sidika added that Otile’s romance game was at zero and he would often leave her hanging. “He claimed I’m a sex addict and would play with myself while he sleeping, what would you do if a man can’t satisfy you? No foreplay, no kisses. No touching. Just f**cks and cums in 10 seconds. Of course, u will play with yourself coz he left u hanging...nothing wrong in that”

After Vera spilled the tea, fans flocked to Otile Brown’s comment section bullying and goading him in a bid to get a response while others supported him and placed the blame on Vera.

Others admonished Vera for exposing their relationship like that and one of her most vocal critics was US-based Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi.

“Kijana that young hata siku moja ha complain kuwa eti mwanamke anapenda too much sex. Hiyo ni mambo ya wanaume over 50, uliza dada zako tukwambie. The boy alikuwa hapendi hata kusex na wewe. Yaani majibu ya huyo Otile tu, unaona hakupendi na hana nyege na wewe,” read part of Mange’s post.

Mange also told Vera that this kind of behavior will ruin her chances of bagging a successful Kenyan man.

 “By doing this you are ruining your chances of marrying a successful Kenyan man. Who will want to marry a woman who exposes such things?? Vera unaelekea route ya Wema Sepetu, you are too hungry for attention,” read another part.

She also cautioned her against badmouthing a man who has seen her naked.

“We need to better as women, we don’t need to be airing such on social media. Vera nakupa ushauri kama dada yako mkubwa. Huwezi kumwaibisha mwanaume ambae keshakuvua chupi. Hata angekuwa na kidogo ka cha LeMutuz ila ndo keshakutia. Aibu Kwako,”added Mange Kimambi.

In response, Sidika admitted that Otile didn’t love her all he wanted from her was her fame and money.

"Mange said something so true. O.B never loved me. A man would make love to a woman he loves and never complain of ‘too much sex’ I totally agree! That's why I kept saying this man was only using me for fame and money. I'm sure it all makes sense to y'all now,” wrote Vera Sidika.


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