6 types of people you should stop following on social media

Unfollow and block.

A couple years after and random Facebook calls from weird Indian men later and 5000 plus followers doesn’t seem like the greatest achievement.

Here are 6 types of people you stop following on social media ASAP.

1.Your ex

Let it go! Let it go! They are not coming back. Move on with your life. Following your ex on social media is not and never has been the greatest idea.

2.Your ex’s current girlfriend/boyfriend

Why are you following that man/woman’s current boo thing? Yes, they may have a bigger butt than you or may be a little bit more ripped than you were but how is knowing that information going to help you move on?

3.People that do not post anything

You’ll get bored really quick. All they do is lurk. You even forget that you follow them until Instagram reminds you that they have finally posted something after a while.

4.People that post too much

5.The negative person

They are always trolling everything you do on your timeline. It’s as if they don’t know where the unfollow button is on their app.

6.Offensive people on your timeline

Yes, the internet is a free platform and people can post whatever the hell they want to post but no one wants to constantly be flooded with nasty posts on their timelines all the time. Try the block button with these ones.


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