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Sonko forced to take quick action after ‘k*dinya advert’ goes viral

It offended many.

A picture of the ‘k*dinya advert’ that went  viral (Courtesy)

Yesterday, a billboard bearing the sexual slang ‘kudinya’ which means have sexual intercourse with went viral on social media.

Many Kenyans expressed shock at the billboard while some cheeky ones appreciated the brazen words plastered in such a public forum.

Some of those that expressed outrage was Ezekiel Mutua who posted “I am told kudinya is a sexual slang. It's Ghetto language for sexual intercourse. In the name of creativity, advertisers are sexualising everything under the sun. I hope this poster being circulated in social media is fake. If it is real, the County Government officials who licensed the billboard should revoke the license immediately. This is unacceptable.”


Sonko takes action

Following the outrage, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was forced to send his officers to the offending scene in a bid to confirm whether the billboard that bore the sexual slang existed.

He found out that the name had been photoshopped and quickly dispelled the outrage with a post that read “This is purely photoshop. I have personally sent my officers to confirm whether the billboard bearing the sexual slang exists. This is what we found out. See the attached photos hereunder.”

Following Sonko's post, a seemingly mortified Ezekiel Mutua posted this in a bid to save face “Multichoice management has confirmed to me that the poster circulating in social media is fake. There's no campaign like that by Gotv. Thank you Governor Mike Sonko for your quick action. This is the kind of collaboration we need to protect children from exposure to harmful content. Much appreciated Sir”


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