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Sorry we don’t have clothes your size here- Anerlisa Muigai on struggles of being fat

The 4 years I took to loose weight were the toughest years - Ms Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai shared the struggles she used to go through back in the days, before she decided to hit the gym and shade off some Kgs.

In an interactive session with her fans, one of them wanted to know if people treated her different before and after her weight loss journey.

“Do people treat you different than before you lost weight in terms of respect? Asked a fan.

Ms Mugai responded saying, “Ooh Yes, when I was big people used to stare at me .. I got to the point I was thinking they can probably see what I just ate. I used to enter a cloth store and get a ‘Sorry we don’t have clothes your size here” as in the 4 years I have taken to loose weight were the toughest years but definitely worth it. Now people stare in admiration which is not a bad thing but can get uncomfortable.


Weight loss Journey

Miss Muigai has in the past shared stories of her battle with weight, from yo-yo dieting, juicing to joining a weight loss camp. Her weight loss stories made her a household name and recently she launched her own weight loss App.

The 32-year-old struggled with her weight for over 10 years. She also admits to having difficulties sustaining the weight lost thus regaining it fast.


Just the other day she disclosed that her only regrets in her weight loss journey was reducing her bust.

"Throw back to 8 Years ago at 88kgs. Only regret I have after my weight loss is the reduction of my bust. What are your worries about losing weight?” she posted.


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