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Stevo Simple Boy attributes collapsing on 10 over 10 show to stress, pleads with manager

Simple Boy collapsed on Citizen TV's 10 over 10 show hosted by Azeezah Hashim

Stevo Simple Boy attributes collapsing on 10 over 10 show to stress, pleads with manager

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy who collapsed during his appearance on Citizen TV's "10 Over 10" on Friday night has attributed the incident to stress.

The singer took to Instagram on Saturday, noting that he is stressed to a point of collapsing on stage and pleaded with his manager to return to work.

"Meneja Rudi tupige kazi nimeishiwa Nguvu watu wasitukosanishe stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage Niki perform mnatakuniaribia mpaka manager .” Stevo stated.

This translates to: Manager please come back so that we may work together. I have run out of strength and people should not make us fight to a point where I am stressed and collapsing on stage.


The singer was hosted on Citizen TV by Azeezah Hashim where he entertained the audience with two of his tracks; 'Freshi Barida' and 'Vichuna'.

He was seen at some point bending to support himself by holding his knees.

It is while having a conversation with the host that the singer appeared to be struggling.


He suddenly faltered and collapsed on stage while discussing his experience growing up in Kibera.

The show went on an unscheduled break as concerned fans took to social media with messages of support and well-wishes to the musician.

Azeezah with Steve Simple Boy on live call

Azzezah later confirmed that the singer was feeling well and calmed concerned fans, adding that he would be back.

"He was here and he was not feeling very well. We have so many lights and it is also hot because of the energy but we want you to know that he is feeling very well now. Thank you for showing him concern.


“We just want you to know that he is feeling well and we will get him on call…anarudi,” said Azeezah.

The 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker recently confirmed the end of his marriage, citing allegations of infidelity and betrayal as the reasons for parting ways with his wife.

Before ending the show, Azeezah got the singer on a live call in which he thanked everyone for their concerns and added that he would be providing an update.

"Right now, I am okay. I'm fine. I will talk more later on and share it on my Instagram account so that my fans can know what's up," Stevo stated.


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