Stivo Simple Boy gets massive love from fans after dropping Tuheshimu ndoa

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Stivo Simple Boy gets massive love from fans after dropping Tuheshimu ndoa

'Mihadarati’ singer Stivo Simple Boy is a happy man. Ever since he dropped his latest track ‘tuheshimu ndoa’ the young man has received massive love and support from fans.

The track which was released on 20th February talks about marriage and encourages couples to respect marriages since it’s a holy union and its supposed to be between two people only.

Stivo encourages people to study their partner before marrying them and advises men not to get confused because of thighs.

Pete mliweka sasa mnatoa, mapenzi mlipanda sasa mnang’oa, ni poa kurudisha love ndani ya ndoa take your time study mtu kabla hujamuoa, usitupe mbao ju ya mapaja, zikifade utawachwa ukitatapa huku kule kama mwanabata “ says Stivo in one of his verses.

With the high number of divorces, separation and cheating in relationships, the young man was praised for highlighting the problems couples go through, offering some solutions and for even supporting the institution.

Netizens also praised him for a good video that didn’t have any naked ladies or vulgar language. Many loved the beat and commended him for the good work.

The video is trending at number 3 on YouTube and has already received over 200k views. Its certain that this year Stivo didn’t come to play, watch this space.

Here are some of the comments;

ronny otieno what i like about this guy he has messages in his songs.

Farxan Rashid when God turns what seems unfortunate into blessing, people took him for a joke at first now he is killing it fr real🔥🔥

were were But then the Producer Just hit the right buttons the beat is fire

Reggae Bean Extraordinary.🔥🔥🔥

Ruth Maina This song is 🔥🔥 who ever did the beat sample did justice 💯🔥🔥

ben steve The music is more lit than I thought. This guy's is going far. Keep up the spirit.

betty Macharia This what i meant when i said hardworking can take u far than talent...stivo kudos bro

Teresiah Marigi Great message. God bless you for keeping it real and purposeful.

Millicent Awino One of the few sane and humble artists we have as a country 🔥🔥🔥

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