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Strategy Jowie Irungu is using to advance his music career while in prison

Jowie Irungu's manager discusses strategies they're using to advance Jowie's music career behind bars.

Jowie Irungu

Ephantas Safari, the CEO and founder of Safri Music Records, has revealed that Jowie Irungu's music career will not falter despite his time in prison.

Safari, who is also Jowie's manager, provided insights into how Jowie plans to continue producing music, even from behind bars.

Reflecting on their close relationship, Safari described Jowie as more than just an artist but also a brother whom he has mentored and guided throughout his career.


Safari firmly believes that Jowie is in God's hands and that miraculous changes are possible, including the potential for his release from prison.

He believes that Jowie is in the perfect will of God and that divine intervention may lead to his freedom sooner than expected. He encourages others to join him in praying for Jowie's well-being, confident that God will manifest His goodness in Jowie's life.

"It's very emotional. This is my artist. This is someone I have walked, I signed, I have walked with and he's like a brother to me. This is someone I have mentored. I thank God because he's alive. In a week or even sometimes every day, mi huenda kuona na tunaongea dakika chache hapo namtia moyo namwambia my friend God has good plans for you," he said.


Safari expressed his belief that even while incarcerated, Jowie would continue to preach and sing. He pleaded with people to continue subscribing to his account.

According to Safari, Safri Records will go to the prison to record music, take videos, and come back to minister to others.

"Hata huko ndani atahubiri na atazidi kuimba. Watu wazidi kusubscribe kwa account yake. Tutakuwa tunaenda prison tunarecord mziki tunachukua video tunaenda tuna minister," he said.


Jowie's journey into gospel music commenced in 2020 with his debut release, 'Nishikilie,' shortly after being granted bail from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison.

Despite facing challenges, Jowie's musical endeavors persisted, with the release of 'Nakuabudu' in 2024, following his guilty verdict in the Monicah Kimani murder case.

In a previous interview, Jowie disclosed that he has over 20 recorded songs awaiting release under Safri Records.

With a desire to inspire and bring healing through his music, Jowie remains hopeful that his testimony will resonate with listeners seeking transformation.


Aside from 'Nishikilie' and 'Nakuabudu,' Jowie's discography includes uplifting tracks such as 'Babie,' 'Eyaah,' 'Juu,' and 'I Believe,' showcasing his versatility and commitment to spreading a message of faith and resilience.


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