Tanasha causes controversy with Father’s Day message to Diamond

Was it in bad taste?

Diamond and Tanasha Donna (Instagram)

NRG radio presenter Tanasha Donna stirred controversy on Father’s Day by wishing her beau ‘Happy Father’s Day’. This was despite deafening silence from his two baby mamas Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto.

The reason why the post has kicked up a storm on social media is that Diamond has been branded a ‘bad dad’ by fans.

Fans came to this conclusion after Diamond referred to his son with Hamisa as a ‘side kid’ and Zari’s repeated claims that Diamond is not a present father has further dented his reputation. So many felt that Tanasha’ post was in poor taste.


That statement is not complete. You should have said "Happy father’s day on behalf of your baby mamas.”


He is a Joke when it comes to fatherhood. Save the name for those who truly deserve it


Well that you didn't wish your own dad. Who appears to have been absent too. But decided to wish this guy who's own baby mama's aint even..is completely laughable. But your page your posts. Just saying not everybody is a hater when they point out facts.

Deadbeat allegations

In January 2019, Zari Hassan poked holes at Diamond’s credibility as a dad by saying that she is the only financial provider for her children.

And in April, Zari claimed that Nillan and Tiffah have forgotten their father since he is not present in their lives.

“We have forgotten about you, you no longer exist. You have no contact with your kids because you decided to; your ego does not let you to. We do not get any emotional or financial support from you!” said Zari.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Diamond claimed that the reason he hasn’t been able to speak to his kids is that Zari blocked all avenues of communication between him and the kids.

 “She blocked all the avenues I could use to communicate with the kids. And again, now that she has a man in her life I cannot be calling her every now and again asking her to pass the phone to my children. What would her new lover think? That maybe I am trying to win her back, which is not the case. That explains why I stopped visiting or communicating regularly with the children. I have however, asked Zari to write down all the financial needs of the children, and I will be sending money directly to the accounts of those respective firms offering the services she would have listed,” Diamond said.

On claims of Zari hindering him from seeing his children, the business lady said that Diamond is the one who has been ignoring his children and he even blocked them on his phone.

“I have not stopped him from speaking to his children. I gave you (Diamond) the nanny’s number and the boys’ number at the house so if you ever wanted to call the kids at any time you would. You have never called the nannies. It got to a point where you literally blocked them. I never stopped you from calling your kids. You have all the numbers,” Zari said in a video on social media.


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