I can’t judge Diamond for dating many girls – Tanasha Donna

It’s his past!

I can’t judge Diamond for dating many girls – Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna Oketch has said that she cannot judge her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz for dating many girls before her.

Her response was prompted by a fan who asked if she was scared that the singer would dump her given his history with women.

Ms Donna said that she would never judge her baby daddy or anyone else based on their past, because she also has a past with three ex-boyfriends.

She also mentioned that not judging him doesn’t mean she will ignore that fact. She added that she only considers how the other person is treating her now, and if the treatment is good, then she has no problem at all.

Tanasha insisted that the past is Baba Tee’s and it is none of her business and she wouldn’t want to be involved.

Everyone has an ex, everyone has a past kabla nimjue Diamond mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa na exes. I had three different exes before I was with him so siwezi judge mtu based on their past and it doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore it. Mimi nangalia mtu vile uko sasa hivi, if you treat me good sahii then we’re good. Lakini siwezi kuangalia sikuamini kwa sababu umefanya hivi that;s your past. The reason I can’t judge him on his past is because it’s his past point blank period,” she said in the video.

More kids

Tanasha Donna in the live feed also opened up on having more kids with her Tanzanian boyfriend Diamond Platnumz.

Ms Donna who was responding to questions from fans said she would think about having another child with the WCB boss, once her kid gets to about five or seven years.

Probably once my kid is about 5 to 7 years old then we can think about,” Tanasha responded to the fan.


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