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Tanasha Donna speaks on Diamond cheating on her with another video vixen

Ukweli wa mambo umejulikana

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna has addressed claims that her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz is cheating on her with his one-time alleged side-chick official Lynn.

Ms Donna cautioned her Instagram In-laws not to believe everything they read and see on social media, as many of the stories are fabricated to try and break their relationship.

“Lesson for the day; Don’t believe everything you read or hear @diamondplatnumz Love” wrote Tanasha Donna.


Raised eyebrows

Her statement comes days after a number of local websites in Tanzania alleged that Diamond was sleeping around with Lynn. Photos of Lynn while seated on a bed that resembles that of Diamond Platnumz, raised eyebrows, leaving many with questions on whether she was at the singer’s Mansion.

However, according to Tanasha, those are two different beds, that happens to resemble as they were purchased from the same supplier “Danube homes”.

“Do you have an explanation to the bed pics Lynn posted? We are curious” asked Insta Glos


Don’t believe everything

The NRG Presenter responded saying “@Insta_glos check out@danubehometz for a bed just like that one. They are super duper comfy so people love to buy them”.

Another user identified as Kenny gilo said ”He is f**cking Lynn that man yaani, wanatiana hatari”

Tanasha’s replied “@kennygilo like I said.. don’t believe everything you read or hear”.


In January, the WCB President promised Tanasha that he would never cheat on her, as he loves her so much and he knows haters are waiting for that to happen.

Quoting one of his most famous songs ‘Nitampata Wapi’ Diamond wrote “Sura yako mtaratibu. Mwenye macho ya aibu…kucheat sitojaribu maana nakupenda sana.”

The two love birds have been together since November last year.


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