Tanasha Donna’s classy clap back after reports that Diamond is already cheating on her

Ms Donna shoots down the rumours

Tanasha Donna’s response after reports that Diamond is already cheating on her (screenshots)

Over the weekend, reports surfaced online in Tanzania that Diamond Platnumz is already cheating on his girlfriend Tanasha Donna with a lady identified as Rose.

A number of gossip pages, pitted Ms Donna's photos against those of Rose, cautioning her to stay woke, with allegations that her man was seeing another woman.

Shutting down the rumours, Mama Naseeb Junior put up her photo with a Diamond, with a caption that read “Unbreakable”.

Don't believe the rumours

As that was not enough, she added that rumors are just as fake as the people who start them.

“Don’t spread with your mouth, what your eyes didn’t see. Rumors are dumb as the people who believe them and as fake as the people who start them,” added Tanasha Donna.

In August last year, Ms Donna warned that if her boyfriend ever cheated on her, she would never touch him again.

“And yeah I love my baby daddy but if he f**k another b***h, I won’t ever ever touch him (he knows it),” wrote Tanasha.

Dating many girls

She further stated that she couldn't blame Diamond for dating many girls before her, as she only considers how the other person treats her now, and if the treatment is good, then she has no problem at all.

“Everyone has an ex, everyone has a past kabla nimjue Diamond mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa na exes. I had three different exes before I was with him so siwezi judge mtu based on their past and it doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore it. Mimi nangalia mtu vile uko sasa hivi, if you treat me good sahii then we’re good. Lakini siwezi kuangalia sikuamini kwa sababu umefanya hivi that;s your past. The reason I can’t judge him on his past is because it’s his past point blank period,” she said.


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