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No media station wanted to work with me - Teacher Wanjiku after leaving Citizen TV

I was bitter and angry - She admitted

Teacher Wanjiku (Instagram)

2014 marked the beginning of the end of Teacher Wanjiku’s flourishing career in TV comedy. This was after Citizen TV offered her a classroom show at their station and she grabbed the opportunity despite her team having some reservations.

About a week after the first episode aired, Citizen TV quickly canned the show over poor ratings.

“I really thought I got it right but it was a total flop,” Wanjiku admitted.


The failure of this show coupled with negative rumours about her exit from Churchill show hit her brand very hard and she lost her standing in the comedy scene. Media houses blackballed her, she became unemployable and friends refused to associate with her.

“No one wanted to listen to me. There was a lot of politics and speculation about why I left Churchill. No media station wanted to work with me. People though I was unreliable and I lost friends. I was bitter and angry,” she confessed to True Love Magazine.

Teacher Wanjiku’s comeback

This setback in her career meant that she had to downgrade her lifestyle, sell her pricey car and go back to the drawing board. For 4 years she tried making a comeback and at some point in 2018, a glimmer of hope shone in the horizon.


This was all thanks to her online presence and the beloved character of ‘Aunty wa Harrier’ who harasses her friend “Wa John’ on the phone. Today, Teacher Wanjiku is back to where she once was and has some wise words for those experiencing a setback.

“Life has to go on no matter what you have gone through in your career. Go back to the drawing board until you get it right,” she advised.


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