Kenyan man invents a bed that charges phones when making love

A certain young man has left many talking after he managed to create a bed that can charge phones when people are making love.

The bed has been engineered to convert the energy produced during sex into usable household electricity.

The energy produced during their engagement is powerful enough not only to charge two phones but sufficient enough to brighten a bulb. According to the young man the duration and energy production depends on how much sex one is having on the bed.

The bed does not require any type of fuel and if implemented it will help remote areas to have electricity, that’s according to the young man. He has been inventing things 2009 but the bed has been his most successful project. He says that the bed will only cost Sh 2000 which is an affordable price to most Kenyans.

Speaking to NTV’s Lolani Kalu the young man says he is ready to produce more beds if he the materials he requires are provided. Check out the interview here.


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